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Herpes Dating Sites: How To Reveal Herpes To Your Date  


Dating Someone with Herpes? Herpes is very disgusting and shameful for most people. Oftentimes we will reject someone after knowing that they have this kind of illness. Bringing up the topic to someone whom you just met is very difficult. When and how to tell it to your date that you have herpes is something that is very tough to share. 


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There are certain approaches in how to divulge that you have herpes to someone you are dating with: 


  1. Practice makes perfect. The very first conversation is very difficult after knowing that you have herpes infection. Revealing this to someone is very embarrassing and uncomfortable. Before the big date try practicing your spiel may it be on your pet or even by looking yourself on the mirror. Just be confident and be yourself when that moment arrives. 
  1. Make a good conversation. Your date may freak out when you say it right away that you have herpes. The conversation “I have something to tell you” is a more effective approach. Say to your date what you want in a relationship it may be casual dating or is it something more exclusive and serious. This is the good time to ask if he or she has been tested recently with STDs. Telling him or her that you have herpes demontrates being honest with your date. Trust if very important in every relationship. Some of the best relationships starts with a good conversation.
  1. Don’t be so negative on having herpes. It is normal to think that any conversation on having herpes is no good and nasty. Who would want to date a person with herpes right? But try to convince yourself on being optimistic and everything will turn out right. Try to think on the good qualities you have that you would like to share in a relationship. Focus on being honest and respect about your sexual health. Positive Singles  

 Herpes Dating Sites Advice

  1. Be prepared. Your date might ask you a lot of question about herpes infection since most people know little about herpes. Do some research so you can explain about the infection very well. It is always a good idea that you know a lot and explain to your date how someone can be infected with herpes. You don’t have to know everything and admit if his or her questions go beyond your expertise. 
  1. Do not divulge too much. You do not have to explain to your date how you got the infection or whom you got it. It is very invasive and somewhat judgmental. When your date ask those questions just say it nicely that it something that you rather not talk about. Your date has the right to know information that are relevant of his or her safely. But it is still up to you if you want to share the rest of the story.
  1. You don’t have to be sorry. For as long as you don’t have not wait until after you have had sex with your date that you have herpes, there is literally no reason for you to apologize or say sorry. Having herpes is part of your life now. It is still up to your partner or date is he or she will continue seeing you despite of having herpes. There is always a challenge in every relationship.
  1. Give your date sometime to think. Your date still needs time to process everything. If he or she is willing to be in a relationship with someone who has herpes. Always be ready if he or she will reject you or continue your relationship and live happily ever after just like on fairytales.
  1. Don’t take rejection personally. The sad news is rejection is part of herpes. Your date might not want to put themselves at risk. Yes, rejection hurts, your date might have reasons just respect his or her decision and move on with your life. Somebody out there is willing to accept you and can be your lifetime partner.
  1. Do to not wait until you are both under the sheets. It is best recommended to disclose herpes before having sex. It is just not fair to your date. Waiting until after you’ve had sex to disclose that you have herpes denies them the chance to give you their informed consent. Positive Singles  



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