Herpes Dating Sites

Herpes Dating Sites - When a person goes through an initial outbreak of the herpes simplex virus they will also undergo a great shock. But what's even more shocking is the 50%-80% of Americans suffering from some form of herpes. Past statistics showed that 20% (50 million) infected people suffered from genital herpes alone and the vast majority of them may not be aware of it. Studies also reveal that over 500,000 American people get infected annually, with most of them young teens. Positive Singles 

Another shock came when a nationally representative study revealed genital herpes is more prevalent in the US than other countries. From a nationwide perspective, somewhere around 45 million individuals (ages 12 and older) are infected. This means 1 out of every 5 adolescents and adults will have the HSV virus. Back in the 1970s up until early 1990s, there was a 30% increase in the number of genital herpes infections among Americans.

Herpes Dating Sites

This kind of sexually transmitted disease (STD) can cause two types of viruses:

Oral, herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1)
Genital, herpes simplex virus type 2 (HSV-2)
Many infected individuals have little to no symptoms or signs from either infection, HSV-1 or HSV-2. When symptoms occur, typically one or several blisters appear either on or around the rectum or genital area. Eventually the blisters will break and leave tender ulcer sores that will heal in 2-4 weeks during the initial outbreak.

Quite often, an outbreak will appear again within weeks or months afterward, but will be less severe and have a shorter breakout than the first one. Even though this infection can lay dormant inside the human body lifelong, the outbreaks tend to be less severe and will decrease in numbers over the years.

Unfortunately the genital HSV-2 virus is more common in women - around 1 out of every 4 women are infected. The reason for this is probably related to more male-to-female sexual encounters than female-to-male encounters if you consider the violence involved.

Herpes Dating Sites

Trying to cope with genital herpes can be quite humiliating and often leads to great despair. When experiencing an outbreak, one can feel the symptoms beforehand and know what's coming next. The thought process is not to engage in a STD date site or sexual activities so that your partner doesn't get infected with genital herpes.

Although symptoms/outbreaks do come and go, the herpes virus lives within the nerve cell in the body well after all signs of the infection have disappeared. The vast majority of infected individuals will experience active breakouts every so often, while others only experience a herpes breakout once or maybe twice. However, there are some who experience breakouts each and every year.

Scientists claim they don't know exactly what triggers the herpes virus that makes it active, but they discovered among other things the quantity of breakouts reoccurs less and less over the years. There are some natural remedies out there if one is willing to seek alternatives than opt for man-made drugs like Acyclovir which comes with many side-effects.

What scientist and physicians don't know doesn't mean the end of the world. Many folks research online all the time to find natural cures and remedies that have worked time and time again.

Once the herpes virus is under control and there's a clear understanding of what to do and what not to do, as well as using natural remedies (more on this later), one might start to gain confidence and start dating again. After all, finding a partner in life who understands makes a relationship stronger and can bring more happiness to your life. Positive Singles 

Herpes Dating Sites

Not too long ago, online dating websites targeted a large audience (consumer demand) that gained plenty of popularity over the years. But when the market started to saturate with many competing dating sites, new ones formed and took somewhat of a different approach. They targeted a much smaller niche or specific audience. One particular audience was individuals with STDs which gave birth to herpes dating sites that catered to many individuals with similar issues and interest.

Quite naturally, some individuals with the herpes virus might feel a bit uncomfortable with the idea of searching for potential mates on STD date public dating websites. But these are the times where more and more people are finding it harder to find someone due to many circumstances in their lives. One is finding a partner who also has the herpes virus. Otherwise, admitting to someone that s/he has a sexually transmitted disease doesn't come as easy to some folks on STD dating sites.

Nevertheless, signing up at a date website and becoming a member to one or more of these herpes dating sites, as oppose to sites that caters to the general public, can be less embarrassing. One might feel more comfortable with this approach to dating.

Dating websites that are designed specifically for individuals with genital warts or herpes are more understanding and focused on helping infected members more. However, this doesn't mean these sites are the only way or last resort. Many people find new relationships as they always have - through casual meetings. It may make more sense to find someone who suffers from the same thing.

For the obvious reasons, it's easier to reveal everything to another infected person and it's safer - as there shouldn't be any worries about transmitting the virus to someone else.

When exploring herpes dating sites generally they provide a wealth of information that relates to health and wellness including a variety of topics and concerns. In fact, members converse all the time and share their knowledge along with many other things they talk about. Some herpes dating sites have over 68,000 subscribers which relate to having a rather large community out there with the same issue.

In addition to the resources that can be found on these sites, other information is included such as:

Helpful advice on cold sores
Diet information
Mistaken conditions/properly diagnosing herpes
How gentile herpes affects men & women differently
Prognosis of disease
Scientific & statistical info. About herpes
Herpes Prevention
Safe sex / transmission
Herpes Outbreaks
Herpes Symptoms
And much more
The true purpose of these sites is creating a community for those dealing with the herpes virus. The general dating sites tend to make a certain group of people with specific needs feel left out of the online dating scene. Same thing goes for religious people searching for someone of the same religion and so on.

Again, being infected with the herpes virus doesn't mean it’s the end of the world, as one might feel alone and never to experience true intimacy again. Herpes dating sites are increasingly popular these days, so it's not uncommon and shouldn't be looked upon as something demeaning in character.

Creating a community such as this helps bring like-minded people together to communicate, whether it's just a friendly platonic chat to get to know one another or dating. It goes to show just how niche dating websites have grown over the years when addressing the needs of 10s of thousands of people worldwide with special needs and issues.

People, who are similar in more ways than one, can find each other and come together quicker when interacting within a community online. This method offers an easier path to find other people than trying offline. Without question, herpes dating sites help provide people suffering from genital herpes (HSV-2) a place of comfort when getting to know other people like themselves. They also make excellent support groups for those trying to learn how to deal with the herpes virus. Positive Singles 

Herpes Dating Sites - A Place to Meet Other Herpes Singles

If are single and living with genital herpes then you are not alone. Over 19 million Americans will be diagnosed with genital herpes this year alone. There are million more that are infected but do not know it since they have never shown any symptoms of the virus.

Herpes Dating is going mainstream. With one in five sexually active Americans infected with this disease, memberships at the bigger herpes dating sites are growing rapidly.

On the larger herpes dating sites there are herpes infected members from all over the world. Millions of single Americans with genital herpes flock to these sites because they offer a better alternative to regular dating websites. There is also a huge number of members from the United Kingdom as well.

If you have genital herpes and you are single then you should consider a membership at an STD online dating site. Many of the STD / Herpes dating websites have herpes forums, chat and some even offer a free blog to all members.

As a single person that is infected with herpes simplex and genital herpes, I have found that I feel more at ease using these herpes dating sites. One of the worse things about dating with herpes is that you have to tell the other person about your disease. You and I both know just how stressful and awful you can sometimes feel before you have to tell someone. I always get a pit in my stomach and my mouth always gets very parched. I hate that feeling! Don't you?

One of the best things I like about herpes dating sites is that the other person already knows about your STD since it is listed on your dating profile. With your date already knowing, It just makes the stress go away so you can enjoy your date and fall in love naturally without the worries of having to tell your secret.

Find Passion and New Love With Online Herpes Dating Sites

Being single with herpes is undoubtedly an extremely difficult thing to deal with. You have to deal with questions on whether you can trust a new partner with your secret, you worry that they may tell everyone you know about your condition - or worst yet - reject you in a horribly humiliating way. Although it is estimated that nearly one in five adults have either herpes simplex type 1 or herpes simplex type 2, an estimated eighty percent of those people are unaware of their status. This can make dating with herpes very challenging, this is even doubly so with genital herpes as most people see herpes type 2 as the "nasty" herpes.

No matter what your age or how long you have had the herpes virus, it is important that you know that you are not alone. The advent of the internet has brought together those with herpes from all over the world. Not only is love with herpes right at the tip of your fingers, but the web has also spurred the creation of many herpes and HSV support groups. You know longer have to suffer in silence nor do you have to fear being alone for the rest of your life.

There are dozens of sexually transmitted disease dating sites, these include sites created specifically for those with herpes, HSV as well HIV/AIDS. Let's discuss some of the most popular herpes dating sites.

Positive Singles: PositiveSingles is the largest STD dating site on the web with an estimated one hundred thousand members. The are really a full feature online dating site just as you would expect for non-std sites. PositiveSingles is not limited to just people with herpes though, there membership also allows for people with HSV, hepatitis type B&C and HIV/AIDS. Although herpes is an incurable disease it is not a potentially fatal disease like HIV/AIDS. Privacy is a huge concern when it comes to something as sensitive as health conditions, PositiveSingles does allow you the ability to control who can and can not see your profile.

Meet People With Herpes: Meet People With Herpes, or more commonly known as MPWH is the largest dating site dedicated specifically to those with herpes/HPV. MPwH has a community atmosphere complete with forums, chat rooms, and a regularly updated bulletin. The user interface isn't as pretty as PositiveSingles but the membership is reportedly very active.

There are millions of people with herpes who are still living their lives, having successful relationships, getting married and having children. Your herpes diagnosis does not signal the end of your dating life.

How Can Herpes Support Groups and Herpes Dating Sites Help You

The purpose of herpes support groups is to help you deal with the emotional aspect of genital herpes and offer information about treatments and research. People with herpes often needs assistance. They either feel embarrassed, hopeless, and unclean or just want the discomfort to go away. Herpes support groups do everything to tell people how to relieve the actual discomfort, but we should fully be aware that they cannot offer emotional treatment to all the visitors or the members. That's why they need a support partner or look in for some herpes support groups and herpes dating sites.

The International Herpes Alliance describes the role of a support group as an enterprise that can offer medical health advice, relate them to treatment centers and physicians and help people pass through different emotional levels. They say that for a lot of people, herpes is an emotional illness, not an actual one. We must agree with that. Individuals are scared of herpes and often worry being rejected. Some individuals just refuse being affected by herpes. These are individuals who don't reveal they have herpes to their new dating partners. Within, they often experience unclean and unpleasant and lack self-esteem. Going to a herpes support group or a herpes dating site will help them show themselves and build confidence, gradually breaking the solitude that they restrict themselves in.

People usually experience very nervous at the beginning. Is this the end of my sex life? Can I again live my life normal? Is there a cure? How do I get rid of it? These are all very common questions. Referring to it easily and no longer feeling alone will launch the pressure. Some individuals will discuss a lot about it. Others will only discuss with a few individuals. Getting assistance and knowledge is the first thing towards empowerment. Individuals gradually understand to adapt and control herpes or at least not let it describe them.

If you experience being very nervous, embarrassed, or unclean you may want to join in a herpes support group. There are several boards on the internet. Online organizations are a good starting point. Individuals can understand to discuss genital herpes, share personal expertise and discuss with others who are already in herpes group. Seeing that other individuals get on with their lifestyles reduces aspect of the anxiety.

Offline organizations can offer human face-to-face contact. That is essential for those who experience embarrassed and tend to take out into themselves. Going to a regional assistance team, conference people, and trembling hands with them, may be an essential phase toward self-acceptance and love.

I think that looking after the actual aspect of the illness is like dealing with 20% of the discomfort with pain relievers. Doctors usually don't offer emotional assistance for those who are clinically identified as having herpes. Research validate that a lot of everyone is left disappointed by their physician's consultation. Herpes dating sites and herpes support groups can offer the friendly environment that a physician can't. However, they cannot change the worry of herpes that is rampantly growing in our community.

Herpes can be managed and doesn't have the power to damage our love life or sex lifestyles. We do. If we accept herpes, then maybe we can help people understand that it is not that bad to have it. We can enhance much healthier ways to react to STDs in general. Positive Singles


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