Herpes Dating

How would break or spill the beans to someone whom you are dating that you have herpes? You might feel that dating days are over. Since herpes is a serious matter and will affect the health of your partner it is very important that you will tell him or her before engaging is some sexual activity. There is no need for him to know not unless there will be risk of exposure to it. Waiting allows for you to build a connection and won’t be rejected right away.

What to say?

Saying to your date I have herpes won’t work out that well. You can say to someone that I really like you that much and I will take this relationship to a more serious level but I just want to make sure and talk about our sexual histories. Ask him or her if he or she has any history of STD, herpes or AIDs and has he or she been tested for it, if not then encourage him or her to get tested because some people are unaware that he or she carries the infection. Let him or her know that you are very serious when it comes to your health. After a while then you can say that you have that infection years ago, after hearing all these your partner may become afraid but explaining how you felt having it and how you cope up will help her or him better relate what you are going through and see how well you have managed your health. If he or she really likes or love you then both of you will go through this issue and eventually accept it.  Having gone through all this it is still up to you to reveal it or not. Remember these rules, first is don’t wait until after you have sex and second, don’t wait till you are just about to have sex. You must act responsibly.

Herpes Dating

How you would deal with rejection?

Since herpes is an incurable disease, it is not a guarantee that your partner will accept you for it. Most often some will reject you and eventually find someone else. You must prepare for any rejection after telling with someone you love that you have herpes. Consider this situation that he or she may be looking on how to end your relationship. Anyone who humiliates you for having one is not really worthy of you or your love. Be hopeful, just keep on dating and you will find the one that is for you or someone who spend with you for the rest of your life regardless of your condition. There is someone who is out there who is willing to take the risk and certainly would not mind keeping the intimacy. You might look for another person who knows he or she has herpes, you can also try and meet some people on dating sites as there is a lot to choose from those sites specifically for people with genital herpes. Surf the internet and search for “herpes dating”.

Herpes Dating

If in the past you tend to start a new flame with sex, try to change you approach then. It might be better to break that you have herpes to someone who has grown attached to you. Kissing, cuddling, are safe. Use your best judgement as how you are physically intimate with each other before telling. Maybe one thing could lead to another and you will find yourself with that one person who is willing to spend the rest of your life with you.

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