Herpes Simplex Virus

With Love, Herpes 

Being with your one true love is like having herpes - it is forever. This is one of the STD or sexually transmitted disease that is considered incurable and lives with you throughout eternity. This virus has 2 types Herpes Simplex Virus-1 or the oral herpes and Herpes Simplex Virus-2 or also called the genital herpes. Having dated with someone who has herpes doesn’t stop you from looking for love and fun. What is important is that you should be honest with your partner if you have been diagnosed with it.

Herpes Simplex Virus

Being rejected for it maybe common but eventually both of you will accept if you are in love and serious with that person. This may be very uncomfortable but it is very important that both of you will know what herpes is and educate your selves on the prevalence and typical effects of this. Respect your partner. It is either your will take it to the next level which is marriage or break up It’s really up to you. Positive Singles  


Get all the necessary information about Herpes. The more you are emotionally attached to your partner, the more important for you to know the facts.


·                     Herpes simplex causes a contagious skin disorder also known as cold sores around the mouth area, whitlows (on fingers), genital areas and the anal area.

·                     Those who are diagnosed with genital herpes do not know they’ve got it. The absence of signs does not mean a person has not got genital herpes.

·                     Herpes simplex virus (HSV) will appear as small lesions or sores on either on the mouth mouth (cold sore or fever blisters) or on the genitals.

·                     This virus can be passed on when one person has the herpes virus present on the skin and another person makes direct skin-to-skin connection with anyone who has the infection.

·                     The herpes virus is likely to be present on the skin from the first sign like tingling or itching where the outbreak usually occurs until the sores have totally healed and new skin shows up.

·                     There will be days when herpes virus is activated it will be on the skin even though there are no signs of an outbreak

·                     Using condoms can reduce the risk of transmitting the herpes virus by approximately 50%.

·                     There is effective oral antiviral treatment for people with problematic genital herpes.

·                     Home remedies can be used for temporary treatment of herpes, wash your genital area with warm salt water solution. You can also apply ice packs on the infected area.

·                     Avoid wearing tight fitting clothing.


Herpes Simplex Virus 

Whatever will be the outcome with using herpes simplex virus herpes dating sites, always be prepared for any rejection. It will take time to adjust having this situation. Any negative reactions may result for wrong information. If he or she may not continue with the relationship because you have herpes, he or she is more focused on herpes rather than the relationship and may not be the right one for you. You are not responsible for their reaction. If your partner is unable to accept the facts about herpes, encourage him or her to speak with a medical expert or counsellor. There are plenty of herpes dating sites that will help you find your one true love as they will easily accept you for what you are and the condition that you are going through because of the fact that they also have one. So are you ready to take the plunge? Go here now and explore! Positive Singles  


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