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Being single with herpes is undoubtedly an extremely difficult thing to deal with. You have to deal with questions on whether you can trust a new partner with your secret, you worry that they may tell everyone you know about your condition - or worst yet - reject you in a horribly humiliating way. Although it is estimated that nearly one in five adults have either herpes simplex type 1 or herpes simplex type 2, an estimated eighty percent of those people are unaware of their status. This can make dating with herpes very challenging, this is even doubly so with genital herpes as most people see herpes type 2 as the "nasty" herpes.

No matter what your age or how long you have had the herpes virus, it is important that you know that you are not alone. The advent of the internet has brought together those with herpes from all over the world. Not only is love with herpes right at the tip of your fingers, but the web has also spurred the creation of many herpes and HSV support groups. You know longer have to suffer in silence nor do you have to fear being alone for the rest of your life.

There are dozens of sexually transmitted disease dating sites, these include sites created specifically for those with herpes, HSV as well HIV/AIDS. Let's discuss some of the most popular herpes dating sites.

Positive Singles: PositiveSingles is the largest STD dating site on the web with an estimated one hundred thousand members. The are really a full feature online dating site just as you would expect for non-std sites. PositiveSingles is not limited to just people with herpes though, there membership also allows for people with HSV, hepatitis type B&C and HIV/AIDS. Although herpes is an incurable disease it is not a potentially fatal disease like HIV/AIDS. Privacy is a huge concern when it comes to something as sensitive as health conditions, PositiveSingles does allow you the ability to control who can and can not see your profile.

There are millions of people with herpes who are still living their lives, having successful relationships, getting married and having children. Your herpes diagnosis does not signal the end of your dating life.

Herpes Dating Service

If you have genital herpes it may be difficult for you to form lasting intimate relationships. If so, then maybe it is time you checked out a herpes dating service. Herpes is a very contagious virus that can be spread to others by skin to skin contact. There are a lot variations of the herpes virus. In fact, chicken pox and shingles are a form of herpes virus. However, if you are like most people when you think about herpes you are thinking about genital herpes. This type of herpes is a sexually transmitted disease, and it is very contagious. You can get genital herpes through unprotected sex.

Herpes Dating Sites

When you join this type of dating service you will gain a few advantages. The biggest one is these types of sites take away the fear you may have of telling someone you have herpes. When you join these dating services you have already announced to everyone that you have herpes. So when you date someone from this service you no longer have to worry about when is the best time to drop the bomb about your herpes.

If you live in a major city you can bet they will have a local herpes dating service. This will make it possible to meet singles from your immediate area. These types of services may even stage social events so their members can meet each other in person. But don't think you have to stay in your local area to meet singles. You can sign up for an online herpes dating site to connect with singles from all over the country.

Herpes Dating Sites

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You should take a few precautions when you go on a date for the first time. You should never have your date pick you up at home. Drive to a public place to meet them. This is to protect yourself because you don't want a total stranger knowing where you live. Your cell phone should be with you at all times and turned on. It is a good idea to have a friend call you at least once during the evening to make sure you are alright. These precautions may seem over the top, but you never know what type of person can slip through the screening process of a dating service. Keeping yourself safe is the number one priority.

You have options when it comes to dating with herpes. Just become a member of a herpes dating service and have an active social life again.

Herpes Dating Sites

If you have been diagnosed with herpes you need to remember that you can still live a normal life. Herpes is not life threatening, but it can be life changing. You now need to take precautions to keep from spreading it to others. So how do you go about having a social life once you are diagnosed with herpes? The answer is simple. You can become a member of one of the many herpes dating sites available online.

The great thing about a herpes dating site is you that you don't have to worry about rejection or judgment from the people you meet on these sites. You will be meeting those who are in the same situation as you. The people on these sites have a better understanding of what it is like to live with herpes. The forums and chat functions can give you the encouragement you need to start dating again. You will find plenty of support on these types of dating sites.

Another big advantage to becoming a member of one of the many herpes dating sites is you can choose the type of person you want to date. You will be able to pick people who have similar interests as you. You can even choose religion and ethnicity. It is a lot easier to find a compatible person when you use an online dating site. Don't worry about it being a blind date either. You will have access to photos and other important information before you meet up for a date. Some sites will allow you to communicate via email or other methods before you go out.

It is a good idea to check out the site's screening process before you sign up. You want a site that has a thorough screening process so you won't be matched with someone who has a shady past. Safety should be your number one concern when you are going on a date with someone for the first time. Always let your friends and family know where you are going and what time you expect to return. These days it pays to be overly cautious.

So if you are having trouble getting your social life back in gear because of herpes then you should give one of the many herpes dating sites a try. You can enjoy your life again, and it is even better when you have someone to enjoy it with.

It is believed that Herpes simplex virus exists as a number of strains with the HSV - 1 and HSV - 2 variety being the most prevalent. The virus' MO is to retreat to and remain dormant within the healthy cell structure of the host organism thereby eluding attack from the host's immune defence system.

Predominantly HSV - 1 causes genital herpes and retreats to the nerve cells at the base of the spine whilst HSV - 2 is the main cause of Cold Sores usually forming around the lips and mouth, and when dormant is located in the nerve cells of the ear.

Favourable (to the virus) conditions, which appear to vary from host to host, allow the virus to leave the cells and travel along nerves to the skin and mucous linings. There it replicates and causes itching, redness, blisters and finally open lesions. It's not known if the virus completes its cycle or the hosts immune system overcomes it but the sores usually heal without treatment within 7 - 14 days.

Whilst present on the skin or mucous linings the virus can be transmitted to another host and it should be noted that at times no visible symptoms may be present but the virus is still able to transmit to another host.

This is referred to as asymptomatic shedding and leads us to the subject of this article.

Herpes and Dating.

Romance, dating, love, sex - subjects that are so basic and important to our happiness, at the very core of our being, vibrating in every fibre of our body and making our lives a heaven or a hell on earth depending which part of the merry go round were on at any particular time.

No wonder those subjects are so charged with emotion and feelings! Now introduce a little monster that can complicate the heck out of it by about a thousand percent, what the hell do you do?

Get tested and Insist your partner/s do the same! Thats the best way to know exactly where you stand. If you have had several sexual partners or are just thinking about entering a relationship its better to have certainty.

Hundreds of people write to our website telling stories of how they were given the virus. Sometimes by an unsuspecting partner, others by cheating husbands, wives or partners that didn't tell them they had the virus.

It's even more tricky because sometimes the person has never had symptoms so naturally has no reason to suspect they carry the virus. This is believed to be the main reason for the rapid and wide spread of the virus.

If you are one of the unlucky ones that has the active virus, don't despair. There are many people like you and they are looking for partners too! Just do a search for herpes dating sites and you are sure to find plenty of potential partners, even if you don't find your life mate, you're sure to make plenty of friends.


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