Cold Sore


Cold Sore Relief

Cold sore relief, to you, may be quick healing of an existing sore. Or it may imply reducing the frequency of future cold sores. Whatever you seek at this moment, this short article will provide the cold sore relief you need.

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Cold sore relief is sought after by millions of herpes victims every year. There are many treatments that are time-proven to work quite well. There are also some treatments with wild claims that do nothing for cold sore relief.

Cold Sore


Please do not waste any more money on STD testing before you try these simple, proven tactics for relief of your cold sores.

Do you need cold sore relief for a painful sore right now?

If so, you first need to eliminate, or at least reduce, that stinging pain. Then you want to get rid of your sore as quickly as possible.

The herpes virus creates cold sores by destroying cells on the end of a nerve fiber. Your body will fight the virus causing headache problems, swelling of the target area, fever and the enlargement of lymph glands located below the jaw.

Most people start out by taking a pain and fever reducer such as aspirin, ibuprofen, or similar product. This will help to reduce fever and pain and give a small measure of cold sore relief.

At this time, applying ice directly to the sore will greatly reduce pain and swelling. In addition, this will slow, if not totally stop, further damage by the herpes virus.


Although ice is available virtually everywhere, and is great for cold sore relief, it is not always convenient to use. At work or driving are both awkward times to use ice.

When the use of ice is not convenient for you, you may want to try a drug store comfort remedy for cold sores. Choose salves that offer pain deadening benzocaine or lidocaine.

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These remedies often work quite well for cold sore relief - by numbing the nerve tips and reducing discomfort. Quite frequently these remedies also provide protection from secondary bacterial infection.

In spite of claims, however, they generally do not reduce fever, swelling or speed healing by any measurable degree. Consider them comfort treatments only and expect no more than that.

Ice is a great pain reliever and fever reducer but it does slow healing once your sore has burst open. Cold drives blood away from the area and you need blood circulating around the sore for fast healing.

Cold sore relief now means quick healing of the wound. Applying heat at this time is recommended. It will help provide quick elimination of your sore.

Using a warm, damp cloth works well. Better yet, a warm, moist tea bag will give much cold sore relief and contains phyto-chemicals that will aid fast healing of your cold sores.

It is extremely important, while in the healing stages, to keep the sore clean by sterilizing with alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. Use throwaway cotton balls or paper towels for this purpose. Also, apply olive or oregano oil to keep the scab soft.

Once your sore is healed, you will want to take steps to prevent, or reduce, future outbreaks of cold sores.

Nearly a third of those who are infected with the herpes virus never get an outbreak because their immunity is strong. If you get multiple cold sores, you should strongly consider the following remedy.

A good quality vitamin supplement is all many people need to reduce or prevent the frequent appearance of cold sores.

Go to a vitamin store and get a top quality vitamin and mineral supplement. The drug store vitamins you see are usually very poor quality. You will just be wasting your money. And if you do not actually feel the difference, try a different brand of vitamins.

Specifically, the vitamins and minerals you want in large quantities are beta-carotene, vitamins B, C, and E, calcium, magnesium and zinc.

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Dealing with existing cold sores calls for the application of ice at the start, and then warm tea bags during the healing phase. Continuous cleansing of the sore with alcohol will speed healing also. Keep the crust well oiled for additional comfort.

To reduce or eliminate future outbreaks of a herpes virus cold sore, you will benefit greatly by boosting your immune system. To do this, eat more vegetables. In addition, you really should be taking an excellent quality vitamin and mineral supplementation program for the best chance of cold sore relief. 

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