Herpes Dating




Fact:  Recent Estimates say that 1 in 5 adults are infected with herpes!

Herpes Dating

So... You have herpes, a highly contagious Sexually Transmitted Disease known to cause such undesirable things as visible sores and painful scabby blisters on your genitals, most shocking of all There Is No Cure. (Yikes..insert awkward pause in dinner conversation)

Well both you and I know that you are not any less of who you are before you found out about herpes but trust me... I know from experience it will be tough, talking a potential date about your condition.

Let's face it. You WILL be rejected, probably more often than not - but you must stand strong. There is hope in finding someone who will love you for you.

Very little is known about Herpes by the general public, in fact recent studies suggest 1 in 5 sexually active people get herpes (thousands of whom visit this site everyday to find each other). Most just aren't aware because they are asymptotic and continue about their lives without ever even thinking they could be spreading a sexually transmitted disease. Well lucky them - You However Now Need to be More Careful Than Ever.


Research and knowledge is your best resource when dealing with the complex emotions of dating with herpes. We're here to give you the facts and some advice you can use as you get out and get your dating life back on track!

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Herpes Diagnosis - ME?

Diagnosis with herpes usually hits people like a ton of bricks. When your doctor or practitioner first uttered the words you probably thought to yourself, or exclaimed "what?"! Many emotions raced through your mind. How did this happen? Who gave this to me? Will I ever be able to date again? Will I ever be able to have SEX again? These feelings are totally normal. As time progresses things will get easier.


How Did This Happen?

Most people think sexually transmitted diseases will 'happen to someone else' or that using a condom is 100% foolproof in protecting against STD's. The most important thing to realize is that ANYONE who is sexually active has an extremely high likelihood that they will come into contact herpes. Genital herpes is very common. Many estimates have placed the lifetime likelihood of getting genital herpes to be in the range of 20%. Think about that for a second. That is 1 out of every 5 people! It is almost impossible to be sexually active with more than one partner your entire life and avoid herpes. While most do not know they have the herpes virus because it does not cause any visible symptoms, they are still able to transmit the virus to others. While this does sound alarming it is comforting to know that most people are exposed to herpes and for most it does not cause any harm. Informing your current or future dating partner armed with these statistics makes it a whole lot easier to swallow.

Where Can I find other people with herpes to date?

We understand at times it is difficult especially in the beginning stages of learning about herpes or if you have been rejected in the past. That is why we have affiliated with PositiveSingles.com to create PositiveCupid.com! Find others in your area today that have herpes and share your outlook on dating. It is free to join and you can start communicating right away in our forums! Then sign up for direct anonymous communicating and more features.

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